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The Dives

We arrived at San Benedicto after some dives in Socorro of a relative interest. San Benedicto is a very small island, about 50 metres of length, 15m of width, and 10m of height at most.
It is a peak which rises from the bottom of the ocean, no doubt the rests of a former volcano having succumbed for a long time to the assaults of the Pacific Ocean.

As most of the sites of this type in the Pacific do, it allows the presence of a fixed fauna, such as butterflies, in other words a cleaning station for the sharks, hammerheads among others.

Revillagigedo has been for a long time, according to the testimonies that I was able to gather, a place almost as exciting and rich as Cocos or Galapagos.

Regrettably, the site was plundered by fishermens, and it especially since the Mexican government was totally deaf for a long time to the large-scale shark finning, taking place in the archipelago. Even if there is a monitoring station on Socorro, as well as a landing runway, San Benedicto is too far away so that they can intervene, supposing that they wish it.

What we were able to see is nothing but the shadows of what it used to be, and what a pitty, according to what we’ve seen

On this film, we can see different kind of sharks : White Tips, Galapagos, Silver Tips, and for just a few seconds, Hammerheads sharks. It's also possible to see Silkys.

On both island's end, the sea was rough underneath, and we had very strict instructions, never to lost the reef from sight. After all, the nearest land is only 500 km away, so quite a ride !

I'm personnely a big fan, of the Silver Tip. It's a big shark, very elegant, with the whites spots on all the fins...

The Film