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The Dives

Besides the Giant Manta Rays, there is another species that is pretty incredible in Socorro, in terms of acting with the divers : dolphins !

Indeed, it is not the first time that I had the opportunity to interact with wild dolphins ; for instance in Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa (French Polynesia), or in the Galapagos Islands.

But based on different testimonies, it can be quite special !

For instance, one of the guide suddenly find himself with a dolphin in his arms ! Boy, this dolphins sure was lacking a big hug !!

A friend of mine was in Socorro a few months before me, and she had dolphins durin the whole dive. On the other hand, it's not a sure thing either. Some friends didn't get the animals.

We were told not to touch them, but as often, you can see on the film that thy're getting pretty close to the divers !

They stayed about 5 mn with us, but I didn't see them in the first place, because I was watching hammerheads !

Diving is a hard job !!!

About the whales, it's Humpback Whale type. It was the season, and some of them came close to the boat. Given our dives locations, we couldn't dive with them, but on two occasions, we dove with them singing... It was pure magic...

The Film

As one can see, I was sometimes caught by surprise with the dolphins' speed, and wasn't expecting that it was comming towards me, and so close !! That's explain some blurredness on the images.

According to my experience, Dolphins like to get answers from the divers, but jumping and filming is difficult when done at the same time !!

So the images are sometimes shaken, but it was a great moment !