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The Dives

Welcome Back !! 3 years after my first dives in the Galapagos, I'm putting my fins on again..and my semi-dry ! Because of the airport swap, and a slight delay in Guayaquil, the first dive will be on the  day after our arrival in Baltra. So not in the same place as in 2003.
So what is the first rule, a golden rule, a 200% pressed platinium  rule a cameraman should always follow ??  Always bring your equipment with you !!!! Even for the readaptation dive, even if there is only sand, even in 10cm of water, even if you dive on the beach, and especially in Galapagos !!!!
Because, as soon as we entered into the water, half a dozen sea lion came and stayed almost for the whole dive ! So the images that are on the sequence's beginning is my guide's. You will find here and there some of his images, when he managed to get better images, a nice scene, or when he got me on film filming a nice scene. But I only used his images for less than 5mn out of the 80mn final dvd.
The fins that you see are not mine, but I had my fun time with the sea lions as well !
After that, it's Enderby, with the balls of fishes, probably snappers. And the small school of stripped fish, the "selimas".
You don't get bored in Galapagos...

Le montage