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The Dives

After a few hours of crossing, we arrived at Wolfe, the 1st  of the two most remote islands in the Galapagos Archipelago. It's a protected area, just for boobies and fregate birds.

We dove at the bottom of the cliffs, at around 20m, among large rocks.No coral. If there is no show there, then it's possible to go in the blue (watch the depth !) , then going back to the rock, and so forth.

On this trip, we made only two dives in Wolfe ; people wanted to go to Darwin and see the "Big Senor". Wolfe is a place where you can see everything. During this first dive, we saw big Eagle Rays, and Galapagos Sharks. This animal is a big shark, it can reach up to 3/4 meters. As you can see, it's very calm, placid. It's rather esay to get near.

Watch the moment, when a single dolphin is just waiting, no doubt using his sonar, and then accelerating like hell ! Its incredible, I've never seen a such powerful animal underwater. I've still have the images in my head !

The visibility was average (<15m), so was the current was too. 7 days after that, we made a second dive in Wolfe, with a lot more current..;and a hell of a show...

The Editing