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The Dives

One can see a lot of things in PNG, and that include critters and small stuff. It's true that there is better locations in PNG, for instance Rabaul in New Britain or Milne Bay in New Guinea ; these places are specialized in small animals. But there is enough to enjoy in the Bismark Sea.

With an average 4/5 dives a day, we made all kinds of dives. There was a lot of "shoals", but we had also pinnacles, walls, and muck.

Muck Dives are located in  places which, in the first place, are not very interesting, with only black sand (from volcanoes), no corals, bad visibility, and where looking for strange animals is a 100% occupation ! Indeed, it's in those places that weird animals will be found : devil scorpion fish, nudibranches, ghost pipe fish, frog fish, sea horses, etc..

The best place in the world is located in Lembeh, Indonesia, but you can make nice muck dives in other places (Bali, Alor, Bunaken, Mabul, Kapalai).

In this extract, you will get a pretty good idea of what can be seen in PNG ; more sequences like this one will be put on line.

The Editing

The Editing