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The Dives

A beautiful finale for our liveaboard, on the submerged reef on "Fathers", west of Watu, before going back to Walindi. This sequence shows again how rich are these areas. A lot of small wildlife, lot of schools, a very beautiful reef, and at the end, a nice little shark feeding.
Although not a big fan, shark feeding allows close looks at the sharks, which is great for divers, and for the camera !
Gray sharks are usually shy animals, but on some images, they are quit close from the camera, the result I guess, from the frenzy.
On this dive, the visibility was not good, particularly on the first 10 meters. There was some kind of yellow layer that can be seen on the video. And the water was very warm ! After the feeding, I went down to 40m, to cooler water and better visibility.

The Editing